About Us

Reachario is a simple platform built up around the idea of adding a sprinkle of bespoke positivity, encouragement, and well-being to the daily lives of worthy individuals like you.

What makes us unique is that we carry out this task through one of the most popular and effective communications... Text messages!

Reaching you through text messages allows us to communicate how other forms of communication cannot replicate.

We can compose messages that resonate with you personally and emotionally, leading us to cater to your well-being efficiently!

Meet Rupert

Rupert the Rectangle is our representative here at Reachario. Rupert is a cheeky, funny, and brilliant rectangle. He was born on planet Azul and showed very early signs of advanced positivity.

He motivated, inspired, and brought happiness to everyone around him. Rupert migrated to planet Earth to continue doing what he loves at Reachario. Rupert only depends on positivity as an energy source for his life.

Rupert has put his emotional intelligence with humans to fair use at Reachario to provide our users with the best possible experience in receiving daily text messages. 💪

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an SMS platform that allows our users to experience the great fulfilment of absolute well-being entirely over text messages. We believe that this new way of well-being can open up a new aid for mental health that our users from all corners of our five operating countries can benefit off.

If the text messages don't meet Reachario quality requirements, they won't reach your phone. Simple as that. 🌎


Check out our page and give us a follow on Instagram for some updates, positivity, and more info about general wellness! @reachario 📷

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